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Consulthink is a leading company in the ICT market, combining technological and organizational skills as well as consulting services for large companies in the public and private sectors. We specialize in the design and development of solutions in Big Data and Security in the areas of Public Administration, Utilities and Telco.

Consulthink is a reliable partner and a constant reference point for its customers, it has a flexible and responsive organizational structure that allows for rapid response to market demands in order to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Investment in Research and Development is constant and allows the company to remain in step with technological change and to develop innovative products and solutions.


Business Unit

Elasticity and Strategic and action thinking

Big Data, Development & Data Integration

We produce highly innovative software in the areas of Semantics, Social Network, and Sentiment Analysis. In the area of Big Data on Enterprise clients, we design solutions for Predictive Analysis, Fraud Management, Data Integration, Data Quality, and Business Intelligence for Enterprise clients.

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Solutions & Services

We employ technologies, methodologies, partnership and our many years of experience to develop innovative systems and solutions in the ICT and telecommunications sectors, anticipating the market and guiding our clients towards Digital Transformation.

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Security & Infrastructure

We develop technologically advanced solutions for the security of infrastructures, systems and networks. We provide specialized consulting services for Security Governance, Compliance Ratings and Security Assessment (VA ...

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Cloud & DevOps

Consulthink offers itself as the partner of choice to guide companies and organizations wanting to improve their application lifecycle management to make it more effective and closer in line with opportunities offered...

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Skill Development

We provide highly specialized services for the Assessment, Training and Qualification of ICT skills. We measure skills, using e-CF-based methodologies.

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Daily commitment to our customers’ satisfaction



To deliver quality and professionalism flexibly and economically, enabling our customers to benefit from technological innovation, process and service


Professionalism, Ethics, Loyalty, Partnership, Quality

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